Bechain Bahut Phirna …

Bechain Bahut Phirna, Ghabraye Hue Rehna
Ek Aag Si Jazbon Ki, Dehkaye Hue Rehna

Chhalkaye Hue Chalna Khushboo Lab-e-la’aleen Ki
Ek Baagh Sa Saath Apne Mehkaye Hue Rehna

Uss Husn Ka Shewa Hay Jab Ishq Nazar Aaye
Parde Mein Chale Jaana Sharmaye Hue Rehna

Ek Shaam Si Kar Rakhna Kaajal K Karishme Se
Ek Chaand Sa Aankhon Mein Chamkaye Hue Rehna

Aadat hi Bana Lee Hay Tum Ne Tou Munir Apni
Jis Shehar Mein Bhi Rehna Uktaye Hue Rehna


7 thoughts on “Bechain Bahut Phirna …

  1. Dear Sir,

    It is one of the greatest one, of course. However, I am not good in Urdu and shall be indebted if you could please write me the meaning/sense of `Uss Husn Ka Shewa Hay’.

    Thanking in anticipation.

  2. HUSN and ISHQ are here personification of Mahbooba and Mehboob respectively. Shewaa means Habit.
    I hope it is clear now. Thanks for visiting my blog. More visits and comments are expected

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