Bahte Daryaa MeN …

Bahte daryaa men utar jana tha
Khaak the aur bikhar jana tha
Us se bichhRe to zamaanaa beeta
Ab talak zakhm ko bhar jana tha
Maan letaa hun tujhe hi manzil!!
Ab kahaaN yaad kidhar jana tha
Hausle ham ne bachakar rakkhe
Jab hameN had se guzar jana tha
Jaan !!! is hijr pe ronaa kaisa!!!
Ek din yuN bhi to mar jana tha



2 thoughts on “Bahte Daryaa MeN …

  1. Great Ghazal. Its goes directly into my heart. Your lines are so true. When I am reading it I felt like they are telling my own stories.
    You are a true artist and I admire you from deepest of my heart.
    Good bless you so you will write Ghazals forever.

    Your Admirer,

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