Tum Aaye Ho Na Shab E Intezaar Guzrii Hai …

Tum aaye ho na shab-E-intezaar guzrii hai
Talaash meN hai sehar baar baar guzrii hai

JunuuN meN jitni bhi guzri bakaar guzarii hai
Agar che dil pe kharaabii hazaar guzrii hai

Huii hai hazrat-E-naaseh se guftaguu jis shab
Wo shab zaruur sar-E-kuu-E-yaar guzrii hai

Woh baat saare fasaane meN jiskaa zikr na thaa
Woh baat unko bahut naa-gavaar guzrii hai

Na gul khile haiN, na un se mile, na mai pi hai
Ajeeb rang meN ab ke bahaar guzrii hai

Chaman meN Ghairat-E-gulchiN pe jane kya guzri
Qafas se aaj sabaa be – Qaraar guzrii hai


7 thoughts on “Tum Aaye Ho Na Shab E Intezaar Guzrii Hai …

    1. tum aye ho…na shab e intezaar guzii hai..this is my love, since long time ago… I remember very well cannot be forget…
      I can elaborate very well, if you do not mind come on skype;
      my ID is makbukhari1…Best Regards

    2. Neither have you come, nor has this night of waiting come to an end
      in your search, the dawn has passed by again and again

      All the nights spent in the madness of obsession, have been purposefully spent
      although this heart has been afflicted thousands of time

      The night I had to listen to the exalted preacher’s discourse
      that night must have been spent in the lane of the beloved

      What was not mentioned even once in the whole tale
      that has turned out to be most disagreeable to her

      No flowers have bloomed, couldn’t meet her, did not get to taste wine
      in strange colors, has this spring passed

      What grief the garden had to bear due to the flower plucker’s ravaging
      the breeze passed by the prison today in disquiet

    3. Tum Aaye Ho, Na Shab-E-Intezaar Guzari Hai
      Talaash Mein Hai Seher, Baar Baar Guzari Hai

      Junoon Mein Jitni Bhi Guzari Bakaar Guzari Hai
      Agarche Dil Pe Kharaabi Hazaar Guzari Hai

      Huyi Hai Hazrat-E-Naaseh Se Guftagu Jis Shab
      Woh Shab Zaroor Sar-E-Ku-E-Yaar Guzari Hai

      Woh Baat Saare Fasaane Mein Jiska Zikr Na Tha
      Woh Baat Unko Bahut Naagvaar Guzari Hai

      Na Gul Khile Hain, Na Unse Mile, Na May Pee Hai
      Ajeeb Rang Mein Ab Ke Bahaar Guzari Hai

      Chaman Pe Gaarat-E-Gulcheen Se Jaane Kya Guzari
      Qafas Se Aaj Saba Beqaraar Guzari Hai

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