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Rekhta – The huge collection of Ghazal – An unbelievable collection of Ghazals, a never before Urdu poetry website

Indian Urdu Newspaper onlineRead lots of urdu newspaper for free, published in India. A remarkable website.

Urdu and Hindi news portal – A great source of news, media and literary panorama in Urdu and Hindi, videos, interviews, literay and political articles,  Urdu Hindi poetry, science and technology news, Jawaharlal Nehru university activities and much more.

Urdu Dost -An Urdu website for every Urdu lover.

Best and Nice Pashto urdu poetry sms – The Best Online Designed Collection of Pashto Poetry,Urdu Poetry and English Poetry Available on Web.

Urdu Maza Poetry Collection -An Urdu Website of Urdu Poetry,Urdu Horoscope,Urdu jokes ,Urdu cooking recipes, pakistan music and songs download, Pakistan Photo gallery. It is really a great site to visit.

Urdu Poetry Urdu Ghazals -Urdu Poetry Urdu Ghazals Urdu Shahiry, Really a good site for Urdu poetry collection and also a lot more in urdu. All the ghazals are selected and the collection is very fine. So it is the site…

Muzaffar Hanfi’s Website – The official website about great Urdu poet.




18 thoughts on “Othersites

  1. Great piece of details that you’ve obtained on this website submit. Hope I might get some a lot more of the stuff in your website. I will are available back again.

  2. Plz Send me this ghazal
    “har bar ki tarah is bar b teri yaad main ansu bahaon ga myn eid nahi manoo ga”
    plz send me at “loving_azeem45@hotmail.com”

  3. آپ کی اردو شاعری کی ترویج کے حوالے سے یہ کاوش قابل تعریف ہے جسکا لیے تہہ دل سے ہم شکرگزار ہیں جون ایلیا کے کچھ شعر شئیر کررہا ہوں امید ہے آپکو پسند آئیں گے
    Nazar hairaan, dil veeraan, mera jee nahin lagta
    bichhad kar tum se meri jaan.. mera jee nahin lagta.

    Koi bhi toh nahin hai jo pukaare raah mein mujh ko
    hun main benaam ek insaan.. mera jee nahi lagta.

    Jahan milte the hum – tum, aur jahan mil kar bichhadte the
    na woh dar hai na woh dalaan.. mera jee nahin lagta.

    Kahin sar hai kahin sauda, kahin wehshat kahin sehra
    kahin main hun, kahin samaan.. mera jee nahi lagta.

    Mere hi shehar mein, mere muhalle mein, mere ghar mein
    bula lo tum mujhe mehmaan.. mera jee nahi lagta.

    Main tum ko bhool jaaun, bhoolne ka dukh na bhulunga
    nahin hai khel ye aasaan.. mera jee nahi lagta.
    jaun elia urdu Poetry

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